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About Google Malware Checker

Protect Your Website From Malware Infection

We should protect our website from potential threats which includes malware, phishing, infringement or intellectual property, financial fraud, stealing of consumer data, viruses. Malware is detected by the Google Malware Checker on each and every website which you visit which also includes your own website. 

How the Google Malware Checker Works?

1. First you have to enter the complete URL of the website which you would like to check for malware in the textbox provided. 

2. Click on "check" and you will be directed to a google page which is known as Google's safe browsing diagnostic page.

3. Now you will know that the website which you are checking is safe or it contains any suspicious content such as: malware, viruses etc. 

4. The report is given from the last 90 days since Google has visited the website.