7 Effective and Useful Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Website

12/01/2021 9:00 AM by Malik Junaid in Seo

Technology is itself a trend that is emerging in almost every field of life. People create websites however and whatever they want it to be for. These days, websites have become a source of passive income for many people. You can create a website to sell products, sell services, build your online presence for educational purposes, showcase authority for your brand, and much more.

Search engines rank sites higher when they have a prominent online presence and users. It increases the chances a user will open your site when they search for a particular keyword. You can get your backlinks posted on trustworthy sites to improve your rankings. Backlinks serve as an essential factor of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Backlink Strategy

Links to high authority sites are hard to earn, and when you manage to gain access, it allows your site more visibility and organic traffic. Even though backlinks are hard to get, they can be earned on quality websites in some smart ways mentioned below.

Bring Traffic to Your Website through Infographics

Gain valuable backlinks by using one of the most popular methods of infographics. They come in the shape of visual content, and most people prefer it. Moreover, the demand for infographics is ever increasing.

Create your infographics by going with an exciting topic using statistical data. You can create your own content or collect data then find a professional to make quality visual content. The cost of investing in infographics pays off well when you earn multiple backlinks for it.

Once you have created and posted it on your site, you can start your research on where you wish to distribute it. You can do email outreach to sites that have previously provided backlinks for infographics. You can find many infographics directories that can submit yours.

Resource Link building

Rather than opting for complicated ways, go for a simple and effective method of resource backlinking. Firstly you need to identify where your business can add value to your target audience to succeed in this strategy. Then your task is to create resource pages with the relevant keywords that can feasibly earn backlinks.

Examples of online resource pages include universities, local governments, and tourism boards, etc. They usually have a variety of helpful links related to the topic and are optimized for several keywords. Find opportunities to get your link posted on the site by analyzing a competitor's profile who has previously been linked.

One way is to earn Edu backlinks on educational organization sites known for producing various content with high authority backlinks. To qualify for their site, you can post content relevant to their criteria, including research papers, sporting achievement, technology, and general news about their work.

Provide Supplier Links

Since online marketing is at its maximum potential, you can take advantage of this opportunity by selling products online. When you sell products of a brand or website for them, you can quickly gain backlinks, and they are more formal and tend to point at your website directly.

The manufacture's site mentions the name of your website by saying 'where to buy,' which links back to your site. Make sure to go through all your supplier lists and ensure that your site is mentioned in their stock lists. You do not want to miss any chance of not having a link to your site.

Guest Post Articles

Content writing is itself a successful online career and a platform to establish your online reputation. Marketers and many online businesses hire content writers to write guest posts for them. These posts are posted on a trusted and high authority website, with links consisting of relevant keywords.

When backlinking to a high-ranked site helps expand your audience. Goggle also accepts guest posts for its Google Analytics blog, which is a fantastic opportunity for your site to get recognized.

Broken Link Building

If you have searched through websites carefully, you can see that some web pages are referred to as dead. If you successfully find these broken pages that point to 404 pages, you can offer them your content to be posted instead, and it can help you build strong backlinking quickly.

One thing to make sure of is to provide a post with a similar topic or even better. You can easily derive success from this tactic. This way, the websites with broken pages do not have to look for alternative content themselves as you reach out to them.

Market Your Content

Even after having quality content, you cannot wait to sit around and expect backlinks to come around quickly. You have to promote it the right way by email outreach and finding quality websites that post content relevant to your topic.

One way is to contact bloggers and websites that allow guest posting. Some websites post weekly or monthly, and you have to find the right opportunity to earn backlinks.

Tools to Help Build Back Linking

Now let's talk about some fantastic tools that can help you in link building.


You can find all the fantastic search optimization strategies in this application. It offers features to analyze your backlink popularity and profile and incorporate link building to content marketing strategy and SEO.

You can quickly locate websites for high-quality links. Moreover, by tracking your competitor's backlinks, you can aim for the same websites. For companies where a team works behind content creation, you can use this tool for team member collaboration.

Check My Links

It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use excellent backlinks tools for SEO strategy. One way this tool works is to point out broken links on other sites and suggest they link to our site instead. This way, you can generate high-quality incoming links in no time.

It works as a backlink checker and enables you to check sites also. Some websites appear green or red after a checker, and the red ones indicate broken links, which provides an opportunity for you to reach out to them.

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