What Are The Signs Your Current SEO Strategy Is Working?

11/23/2021 12:00 AM by Malik Junaid in Seo

Using SEO to boost your reach and ensure you are growing as quickly as possible is a crucial element in any marketing strategy, and it’s not something that any business owner can afford to dismiss without investigating further. When your SEO is good, you can develop your brand more easily, and you’ll find that you can make more sales.

Yet just putting a plan in place, whether it’s for SEO or anything else, and then hoping that it will work is not helpful. You’ll need to determine what is working and what isn’t, testing and measuring to ensure that you’re not wasting time, effort, and money on a strategy that is really doing nothing. With that in mind, here are some of the signs that will tell you whether or not your current SEO strategy is working.

SEO Strategy

You see More Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is always going to benefit your business more than paid for traffic. Although anything you pay for will give you results immediately and for the short term, it’s the organic traffic that will give you the long term results you need to grow and thrive. Think of it this way; as soon as you stop paying for advertising, you are paid-for growth will slow and drop away. With organic growth, you simply continue to build it up over time. It might take longer, but the results will ultimately be better.

Using an SEO agency to implement a good SEO strategy means better organic – long-term – growth. This is primarily because people who are searching online and find your website in the results are looking for precisely whatever it is you sell, and are therefore much more likely to make a purchase from you and return in the future too. If your SEO strategy is working, you’ll see more organic traffic coming to your site.

You’re Paying Less To Find Customers

If you were to look at your figures and break each cost down, how much would you find that it costs you to acquire new customers? The price is sure to be high when you start your business because you effectively have to pay for everything; there is no organic growth to be had.

When you get your marketing strategy in place, and specifically when you are able to utilize an effective SEO campaign, you’ll find that it costs much less to find these new customers. This is because you know exactly who your target market is, so you can focus your SEO strategy by using keywords that relate to them. It’s also because, when your SEO starts to work, you’ll find more customers through word of mouth since your current ones are so happy with what you are doing for them.

Your Content Is Being Shared

People will usually only share content if they find that it’s useful, valuable, and helpful. They will share this information with their friends, family, and those in their network they think would benefit from it in some way.

If you spot that your content is being shared a lot more than it was in the past, this is probably because of your SEO. The more people who see it means there will be more people who share it, and the better your SEO, the more visible your site – and content – will be.

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